Alfred Hitchcock Favorite Tapped for Gucci Campaign

Alfred Hitchcock Favorite Tapped for Gucci Campaign

Before Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie, there was a film supernova in the form of Tippi Hedren — the muse of notoriously difficult director Alfred Hitchcock, who almost killed her on the set of The Birds. Her union with advertising executive Peter Griffith birthed '70s icon Melanie Griffith and subsequently, Dakota Johnson. Now at 88 years old, well, Hedron is a Gucci model.

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Tapped by the brand for their latest campaign, Hedren joins granddaughter Johnson as one of the many celebrities to become Alessandro Michele's muse. Shot by Colin Dodgson, Hedren plays a fortune-teller, who, in Gucci jewels and apparel, reads the fate of models, Victoria Schons, Emily Unkles, Tom Atton Moore and Tex Santos-Shaw, for the luxury fashion house's new accessories collection.

Truly magical, and thankfully no birds were involved.

Photo Courtesy of Gucci