Timothée Chalamet Had a Secret Xbox YouTube Channel

Timothée Chalamet Had a Secret Xbox YouTube Channel

Most of us know Timothée Chalamet as an A-list actor, fashion icon and Tilda Swinton. However, it now turns out that he's also a former gaming YouTuber who operated a channel called ModdedController360.

You read that right. Back in the day, our favorite fake Soundcloud rapper apparently used to modify Xbox 360 controllers via custom paint jobs he shared on the 11-year-old channel. But how do we know the faceless artist behind those "What's up, YouTube" intros is actually Chalamet? Well, because the actor just told us.

In a recent interview with fellow content creator Nate Hill, Chalamet sat down with Dune co-star Zendaya to talk about their new Fortnite skins, and, somewhere in the process, ended up revealing he was the mystery mastermind behind ModdedController360.

"I had a YouTube channel people found," he said before providing fans with the URL. And though there are only three videos of a fun "Christmas-themed" controller, a sleek blue and silver creation and a "sexy" red tiger-striped piece, the channel has already racked up over 17,000 subscribers as of writing. Talk about pretty impressive, though what else would you expect from a man of many talents?

Watch one of ModdedController360's videos for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Lisa Maree Williams