TikTokers Are Super-Gluing Their Lips

TikTokers Are Super-Gluing Their Lips

Another day, another viral challenge of questionable safety. This time though, it's a TikTok challenge in which people super-glue their lips with eyelash adhesive or nail glue to make them look fuller.

Similar to 2015's infamous Kylie Jenner Challenge — which saw internet users attempting to mimic the star's infamous lip fillers by sticking their lips into small containers and sucking the air out of it to create a vacuum — this latest trend shirks the shot glasses and instead has people using glue to create the illusion of a bigger pout.

According to PopBuzz, the trend appeared to have started a couple of days ago on TikTok thanks to a user named @chloehammock4. In her video, you can see Chloe gluing her Cupid's bow and then sticking it to her upper lip, before topping it all off with a Kylie Cosmetics lipstick.

And, naturally, the popular video has kicked off a maelstrom of copycat videos on both TikTok and Twitter.

That said, while this newest trend probably won't facilitate the bruising that the Kylie Jenner Challenge method led to, anyone attempting this challenge should be careful — especially if they have sensitive skin or an allergy to adhesives (or any other harsh chemicals, for that matter).

Photo via @chloehammock4/@yoooodea