Influencer Turns Motorcycle Accident Into Chic Photoshoot

Influencer Turns Motorcycle Accident Into Chic Photoshoot

Nashville-based lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer Tiffany Mitchell has apologized for posting a series of photos depicting a minor motorcycle accident she suffered last month. Mitchell was especially criticized by commenters for including a bottle of Smartwater in one of the shots, which were taken by a friend, and BuzzFeed News picked up the story.

The offending post has since been archived, and on her Instagram Story Mitchell strongly denied collaborating with Smartwater. "I wanted to share that moment with you guys, nothing about it was staged," she told followers today. "Nothing about it was sponsorship… If you're following my Instagram I'm assuming it's because you want to know my thoughts or my life. Me sharing that was just another one of those honest moments that I was putting out there. It's this wonderful practice of vulnerability connectedness an openness."

Hey now. I know what you're thinking! I know how tempting it is to make fun of the "wonderful practice of vulnerability connectedness an openness." But honestly… who among us would not post photos of ourselves on Instagram in the wake of a traumatic, but non-life-threatening, accident? This is quite literally what social media is for. And social media is… Mitchell's full-time job.

Taking the influencer at her word about the Smartwater thing (note: she has worked with plenty of brands in the past, including Uber, Jeep, and Stella Artois), the accident photos don't seem so crazy. She'd intended to capture the motorcycling adventure and post about it anyway, and when things went awry, decided to be honest about what actually occurred. She also took the opportunity to remind followers that they should always wear a helmet when riding, which seems like a responsible PSA.

Justice for @tifforelie! The photos were honestly chic! If we learned anything from Christian Girl Autumn, it's that lifestyle influencers are people, too. Leave them to apply their Lightroom filters in peace.

Photo via Instagram