Tiffany Pollard Is Trixie Mattel's Weed Mom

Tiffany Pollard Is Trixie Mattel's Weed Mom

by Savannah Hardman

On this week's episode of YouTube's Brunch With Tiffany, Tiffany "New York" Pollard sat down with Trixie Mattel to discuss a range of topics, from lashes and favorite foods, to delving into the world of herbal refreshments.

Dubbing Tiffany as her "weed mom," Trixie quizzes the HBIC on the best way to transition from drinking to smoking. Recounting her first smoking experience to Tiffany, Trixie says, "The smoke was like, green... Like you took a puff and the smoke was in the shape of a skull."

Over salads, Trixie returns the favor by revealing her lash routine to Tiffany: to get that fabulous, voluminous look, all you need are 20 strips of lashes. No stranger to lashes, Tiffany recalls a time before the everyday use of falsies was common (i.e., the days of Myspace). While many people gave Tiffany a hard time about wearing lashes back then, she says she has yet to receive recognition for her efforts in normalizing the false lash.

When discussing favorite foods over a burger, Trixie asks, "What the hell is water chicken?" in reference to Tiffany's own "addictive" personal recipe. While she's yet to reveal her secret, fans are already begging for the details.

Watch the full Brunch With Tiffany episode, below.

Screenshot via YouTube