Tessa Violet Recreates an Iconic 'Twilight' Scene for 'Games'

Tessa Violet Recreates an Iconic 'Twilight' Scene for 'Games'

While their 2020 tour was cancelled due to COVID restrictions, Tessa Violet and indie-rock outfit lovelytheband still found a way to work together on their new single, "Games" — a collaborative rework of a track from Violet's 2019 album, Bad Ideas.

"Being cheated on is crazy making," Violet says of the song about a lover playing "games" with her. "You're suspicious but then your suspicion is dismissed and you start to question your own sense of reality. 'Games' for me is about the tension of suspecting something is up but being paralyzed because it doesn't feel good to call someone a liar."

The "Games" music video, premiering today on PAPER, is an homage to the Twilight saga, featuring actor Peter Facinelli who played Carlisle Cullen in the book's film adaptation. In their visual, Violet and lovelytheband recreate that iconic thunderstorm baseball scene in Twilight's same blue tint.

"Twilight has been really swimming through the zeitgeist lately," Violet says. "Something about the anthemic and serious nature of the song combined with the idea of me, lovelytheband, and my friends recreating the baseball scene from Twilight — it's just so good. I was like, 'Can we do that? Like is there a timeline that exists where we pull that off?'"

She continues, "Getting Peter involved was really the cherry on top. The whole video really makes me so happy. Everyone brought their 100 and it's just so funny. I can't wait for the tiny terrors to see it."

Next month on May 12 and 13, Violet will bring her new music to life with an exclusive livestream event, "Bad Ideas - The Experience," filmed in Los Angeles. She's created different visual worlds for every song off her album, Bad Ideas, as well for a few additional tracks. Tickets are available online, though several countries have already sold out.

Watch the PAPER premiere of Tessa Violet's "Games" with lovelytheband, above, and stream their track, below.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Pardini