Telfar Is About to Drop Some Durags

Telfar Is About to Drop Some Durags

Telfar is venturing into a new fashion accessory realm with the release of its own line of durags on September 9. This Labor Day, the brand posted a close-up of one that features a blue base and paisley print. Later on, Telfar showcased the entire thing, revealing its logo spread across its top and the word "customer" in four locations at the bottom.

If the success of Telfar's bags in 2020 are any indicator, it's almost a given that these durags will sell out — especially if someone like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives them the equivalent of a purse cosign.

Telfar's bags were so popular that, last month, the brand announced a Bag Security program that enabled people to pre-order any bag that they wanted for guaranteed delivery before January 15.

"The pre-order also poses as a novel business solution to the overwhelming demand, as the brand is now unsure of how many bags need to be actually supplied to fully meet demands," said the brand in a statement. "Most importantly however, Telfar wanted to hone back in on their messages that the bags are for everyone, and that Telfar is for the people."

Prior to the Bag Security program, consumers had a difficult time getting their hands on Telfar products. Because of their popularity, fashion resellers were using bots to buy anything that they could get their hands on to gouge the price, meaning that bags were selling out within seconds upon restock.

Let's hope that this doesn't happen with the durag — a fashion accessory designed to be worn on Black hair. Maybe there will be room for a Durag Security Program in the near future.

If you're looking to see more of what Telfar has to offer, the brand has announced that it'll still be doing rolling restocks of its bags. And for more, you should head over to its Instagram.

Photo via Instagram