'Drag Race' Star Tatianna Addresses Arrest

'Drag Race' Star Tatianna Addresses Arrest

RuPaul's Drag Race star Tatianna is addressing her recent arrest and assuring fans that she's "fine."

Over the weekend, the season two lip-sync guru was reportedly arrested in Atlanta for disorderly conduct.

According toTMZ, Tatianna followed a nightclub employee she had just snapped a photo with through an employees-only entrance, despite the employee telling her to go around the front — a disagreement which led to the cops being called.

That said, once the authorities arrived, she reportedly "refused to leave peacefully after being asked" and was escorted out in handcuffs.

In the wake of TMZ's article and the publication of her mugshot (in which she's crying), Tatianna addressed the incident by tweeting that she's "fine."

"It was a dumb situation that I wish didn't happen but shit happens and people make mistakes," she said. "There was no violence or ridiculousness."

As for why she was in tears, Tatianna explained that, "I'm crying in the picture because I was scared and had never been in that position before."

And though she continued by saying she wished "I would have just smiled," her Drag Race family came out to support her with Trixie Mattel even joking, "Ok but why is your mugshot more beautiful than any of my 8x10's."

See their tweets, below.

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