Tana Mongeau Says Her Open Relationship With Jake Paul 'Wasn't Voluntary'

Tana Mongeau Says Her Open Relationship With Jake Paul 'Wasn't Voluntary'

Tana Mongeau is no stranger to a revealing tell-all, and her latest video is no exception.

Earlier this week, Mongeau posted a fan Q&A to her YouTube channel titled "answering 100 of your *MOST PSYCHOTIC* questions... i'm gonna have a scandal after this one" — and one particular portion about her relationship with husband Jake Paul is turning heads.

Though it's well-known that the two have an open relationship, Mongeau revealed that she's not all too happy about it, even going so far as to reveal that she didn't make the decision.

That's right, while answering a fan question about the non-monogamous arrangement, Mongeau revealed that she wishes she wasn't in an open relationship and that "it wasn't voluntary."

In another part of the video, Mongeau also said that she and Paul would likely never be exclusive, "but not because I wouldn't want that" — which is perhaps part of the reason why she says "all" of her friends dislike her relationship with Paul.

And while Mongeau joked that if things did go south, "Jake would probably divorce me first, because I'm a doormat," she also admitted (perhaps jokingly) that she'd leave Paul for fellow YouTuber David Dobrik.

That said, it's unclear where exactly the couple stands in their relationship, but one thing she knows for sure? She'll definitely be monetizing the divorce video.

For all the tea, watch Mongeau's entire video, below.

Photo via BFA