Sydney Sweeney Is Being Sued

Sydney Sweeney Is Being Sued

Sydney Sweeney is being sued by LA Collective, TMZ reports, for breaking her agreement with the brand. But not only did the actress allegedly back out of her agreement, it seems she also the swimwear brand in question on Euphoria, court documents show.

In the court filing, obtained by TMZ, LA Collective claims Sweeney was on board to be an influencer for their new collection Somewhere Swimwear last year. The brand claims, though, that despite being active in developing the line and branding, Sweeney and her team abruptly backed out of the deal.

To make matters worse, LA Collective is also accusing Sweeney of swiping their designs and wearing them on at least five episodes of Euphoria. But without Sweeney being in a contract with LA Collective while wearing the suits, the brand can’t really profit off of it — and they were expecting big money to come from this deal. According to documents, LA Collective was estimating $3 million in profit from the deal with Sweeney and are coming after the actress for damages.

Neither Sweeney nor her team has responded to the claims made by LA Collective at this point, though TMZ has reached out to try to get a response from someone in the actress’ camp. It remains to be seen if the Euphoria star will have a defense for what went down.

Photo via Getty/ Rodin Eckenroth