Hypebeasts Can Have a Little Supreme Oreo, as a Treat

Hypebeasts Can Have a Little Supreme Oreo, as a Treat

Streetwear juggernaut, Supreme, will, and has, slapped its logo on anything it can get its hands on. Its branded collaborations have become the label's bread and butter, with the stranger, more left-field bastard children of corporate synergy giving rise to some of Supreme's most sought after items. They've ranged anywhere from burner phones and voodoo dolls to pinball machines and kayaks with a literal brick probably being the most infamous of them all.

Not nearly content to rest on its laurels, this season's newly unveiled drop features its own strange cache of Supreme-branded accessories for quite literally every occasion. From Ziplocs to padlocks, the new selection of items features utilitarian oddities such as Audubon bird calls, a pair of binoculars, a foldable lawn chair, a BMX bike, fine china, a box of FUJIFILM instax film and a mechanic's workstation. But by far, all anyone can talk about is the Supreme Oreos.

Dyed in signature red with Supreme's box logo stamped across the top, the box of fuckboy snacks was easily one of the lookbook's stand-outs (which is truly saying something because hologram Tupac is all over their latest collection). With a rumored $8 price tag for a pack of three cookies, it definitely falls on the more affordable end of the spectrum when it comes to Supreme products, but it isn't likely that you will see a pack of these shoved between bags of Utz chips and honey buns at your local bodega any time soon.

As is perhaps expected, the Supreme Oreos have left the internet polarized with hypebeasts already clearing out space in their pantry and others finding the whole thing a bit hard to swallow. Cost aside, the crimson sandwich cookie also raises its own host of philosophical dilemmas, chief among them: to eat or not to eat? Are these Oreos destined to gather dust in streetwear collections and man-caves for years to come, or will someone be bold enough to take bite out of one and tell us what they taste like? Are they just normal Oreos or some special flavor, like the similarly colored Red Velvet variety? Do they taste like hoodies? Clout? Barbara Kruger's tears? Only time will tell.

Photo via Supreme