Supreme's Shrek Collab Is Dividing the Internet

Supreme's Shrek Collab Is Dividing the Internet

by Matthew Velasco

Is film's favorite ogre a certified hypebeast? Supreme sure seems to think so, at least if their latest Fall 2021 collection is any indication, which looked to the New York Yankees, the MTA, Skittles and, yes, Shrek for sartorial inspiration.

Starring Sage Elsesser and Mathias Sauvageon, the brand's most recent drop is filled with oversized silhouettes, cheeky accessories and niche pop-culture references. Ready-to-wear standouts include New York Yankees patchwork puffers and a Skittles Letterman jacket that hypebeasts are destined to sport in the upcoming months.

Though quirky pop-culture references are par for the course for Supreme, motifs from cult-classic film Shrek are certainly amongst its most memorable endeavors. The collection features t-shirts, beanies and skateboards embossed with the film's logo reworked to spell out Supreme—of course, Shrek's slime green coloring and graphic font are at the forefront of the unexpected partnership. Though fashion brands collaborating with children's films are few and far between, Supreme isn't just any fashion brand, it's a cool fashion brand.

Below, see the internet's best reactions to Supreme x Shrek.

Photos courtesy of Supreme