Sundae School Reimagines Adam and Eve in 'Genesis: Chapter Two'

Sundae School Reimagines Adam and Eve in 'Genesis: Chapter Two'

Smokewear and lifestyle brand Sundae School is welcoming the holiday season, and a new chapter in the brand's coming-of-age story, by turning the biblical story of Adam and Eve on its head with their latest campaign, "Genesis: Chapter Two."

This all stays true to the countercultural, and often sacrilegious, spirit of the brand. In 2017, the brand's first campaign reimagined the story of creation, the seven days of Genesis, in a world in which God was Korean and smoked every day to create the universe. Now, they reinterpret The Garden of Eden, with a Cannabis plant replacing the Tree of Knowledge.

In their story, Adam and Eve break the rules by smoking weed. But instead of being filled with the feeling of shame, they feel joy from the enlightenment the plant brings. After being banished from the garden, they create their own version of paradise, with their own rules and systems. And in the final scene, God decides to leave heaven to join them and offers her hand to light up the torch.

​"We always wanted to continue with the next chapter of the story — of Original Sin — and interpret it from a higher perspective, and had a grand vision on what and how we wanted to illustrate the narrative," founder Dae Lim tells ​PAPER​. And this all goes back to his own roots as someone who grew up in South Korea.

"Growing up in Seoul, I was taught that cannabis is the 'devil’s lettuce' through my parents, the church, and the media," Lim says. "Especially in Korean popular culture, the criminal portrayal of cannabis exacerbates the spread of misconceptions about the plant. When I was in high school, seeing Big Bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P get arrested for cannabis and shunned by the public really cemented the plant as the carnal sin."

But things changed as Lim moved to America and learned more about cannabis and the lifestyle and culture that surrounds it. He continues, "When I finally had the courage to inhale, I learned that my opinions were prejudiced by misinformation and that in fact, it could be a tool for self-discovery and enlightenment — puns fully intended."

Along with his team, Lim came up with a printed zine, campaign video and capsule holiday collection which includes a mesh long sleeve, printed carpenter pants and woven blanket.

"From initial concept meeting to final production, it took about 4 months! We studied each bible verse related to the Garden of Eden and re-purposed line by line how we wanted our story to be told," assistant creative director Caroline Park tells PAPER. "The final product was a delicate balancing act of executing our wildest dreams within the boundaries of what was actually possible in Korea."

See the looks from the capsule holiday collection below, and shop for the looks and the zine here.

Creative Director: Dae Lim

Assistant Creative Director: Caroline Park

Creative Agency: Teleport Studios

Layout & Typography: Corinne Ang

Photographer: Jinwoo Park

Assistant Photographer: Gyung Bae Gill

Videographer: Yongki Lee, Seungtae Kim

Lighting: Team All Lighting

Fashion Designer: Sunha Audrey Bark, Gia Kim

Model: Geumone Gim, Daehee Lee, Han Bin Kwak

Hair Stylist: Hyun Woo Lee

Hair Assistant, Han Bin Kwak

MUA: Minseok Choi

Assistant MUA: Hyosun Lee

Set Stylists: Taco Kim, Daeun Lee, Minyoung Kim