Spotify Wrapped Adds New 'Personality' Feature

Spotify Wrapped Adds New 'Personality' Feature

by Payton Dunn

It’s that time of year yet again — Gen Z’s favorite holiday is upon us. No, it’s not Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s none other than Spotify Wrapped release day.

The interactive feature, which Spotify unveiled in 2016, lets users see their most listened-to artists and songs of the year alongside a playful little slideshow with specific statistics about their listening habits.

This year’s installment launched today. One of the latest bells and whistles is a “listening personality” feature that functions similarly to a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Like Myers-Briggs, there are 16 different personality types that are condensed into four indicators, each represented by a letter:

  • The first letter is either an “F” for “familiarity,” meaning that you enjoy listening to the same artists or songs, or an “E” for “exploration,” meaning you enjoy hearing new tracks. 
  • The second is “Timelessness” (T) versus “Newness” (N), which indicates whether you enjoy listening to older catalog tracks or if you like listening to new songs as soon as they drop. 
  • The third is “Loyalty” (L) versus “Variety” (V), which is similar to the first indicator in that it reveals whether or not you play the same tracks and artists. 
  • Finally, the personality is rounded out with “Commonality” (C) versus “Uniqueness” (U), which shows if you generally listen to superstars or underground artists.​

While most users have taken to social media to post screenshots from the tried and true parts of Wrapped (like their top artists or songs), many are also embracing their new Listening Personalities.

Another new Wrapped feature illuminates what moods you tend toward throughout each part of the day. The tags Spotify created for this feature have created some...interesting results.

In the past, Spotify has waited until at least December to release Wrapped, but on November 25, Spotify sent out an email to fans to let them know that Wrapped would be coming soon — and sure enough, it arrived before we left November behind.

Yesterday, Apple released the 2022 version of “Apple Music Replay,” a Wrapped-esque feature that lets users see similar top-listening data. Replay 2022 came with a hefty redesign, and some users can’t help but notice that it looks quite similar to Spotify Wrapped.

Copycat allegations aside, the launch of both features alongside each other means that we get some of the best music memes of the year all at one time.

Photo via Getty/ Dave M. Benett