This New Spotify Feature Just Called Me Single

This New Spotify Feature Just Called Me Single

by Logan Potter

In the early aughts, nothing said "I love you" like "I burned you a cd." Analyzing every lyric just to know what your crush or partner meant with each song selection was a trademark of love, and now Spotify is bringing the practice into 2020 with its new site designed to help curate a playlist for someone special.

Duo Love Songs allows Spotify users to develop playlists with customizable covers to match the vibe of their relationship. After inputting names, listeners are then prompted through a series of personality quiz-style questions to gauge their relationship.

Users are then given the opportunity to choose cover art and add photos to their finished product before the site generates a playlist that opens directly in the listeners' accounts. Playlists can include anything from nostalgic hits to 2010s pop bops.

"Music has the ability to be deeply intertwined in our memories and add more color to special events in our lives," Alan Cowen, a postdoctoral researcher in computational neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley, told Spotify. "Creating a playlist and sharing it with your partner can trigger a sense of nostalgia, like looking back on an anniversary or your wedding day, and connect us to the very emotions we felt during those special times."

The site was launched to promote Spotify's new Premium Duo plan, which allows couples/ siblings/ best friends to split the cost of a single $12.99 subscription into multiple accounts. For users who share a traditional account, the new plan means no more arguing over who has to be offline to blast tunes in the car.

Duo plans will also generate playlists in Spotify called the Duo Mix, which curates a playlist based on the individual users' listening habits. Ideally, both people on the account will be exposed to new music without the burden of sharing the aux. For couples with greatly differing music taste, the dual accounts will also prevent one user's jams from overtaking "Uniquely Yours" playlists like "On Repeat."

Whether the Duo Love Songs playlists help couples decide on "their song" or simply give them an opportunity to try the new Premium Duo plan, the site may just give listeners a chance to find music that speaks to their partnership while opening the doors for new streaming habits.

Photos courtesy of Spotify