Spotify Invented the Purrfect Playlist For Your Pet

Spotify Invented the Purrfect Playlist For Your Pet

by Jenny Zheng

Spotify just launched a new playlist generator based on your pet, a stroke of marketing genius targeted at the cat (or dog or iguana) lover in all of us.

How it works: you pick your pet type –– yes, iguana is an option –– then indicate where they lie on a few sliding scales of personality traits. Then, voila: Spotify syncs those answers with your library and curates a playlist based on your furry (or furless) friend's "listening preferences."

Naturally, I had to try this out. My sister's cat, Gabe, the most relaxed, friendliest dog-like cat you'll ever meet, is apparently into Syd, Yves Tumor, and then some pop artists I've played maybe once or twice. Regardless of what I think, ultimately Gabe will be the ultimate judge of the playlist's accuracy.

According to People, Spotify decided to launch the pet-based initiative after discovering that a strong relationship exists between pet owners and music. The streaming platform conducted a survey where they found that worldwide, 71 percent of pet owners do play their pets songs and "even more believe their pets actually like music." View the full infographic, below. (Since pets can't actually speak human as far as we know, it's hard to test this theory. Nevertheless, algorithmic technology continues to advance at an alarming rate, so anything is possible.)

Photography: Nathan Kraxberger for PAPER