SOPHIE Gets a Bratz Doll

SOPHIE Gets a Bratz Doll

On International Women's Day especially, it's a little tiresome to see the brands getting woke. But this one... this one is actually pretty cute. Bratz have honored the late musician and producer SOPHIE with the first installment of their new "Bratz diaries" series highlighting the careers of those who "inspire" them.

This means SOPHIE gets a doll (sadly not for sale, as far as we can tell), as well as a '00s-style collage about the Grammy-nominated Scottish artist's achievements, from the 2013 release of debut single "Nothing More to Say," to the creation of SOPHIE's first album Product, to SOPHIE coming out as a trans woman in 2017.

The fun slideshow even includes interview quotes from SOPHIE and media clips praising SOPHIE as "the center of pop." And fun facts like how SOPHIE's dad would "play electronic music in the car" and even take SOPHIE to raves, leading to SOPHIE developing a love of music from a young age.

SOPHIE passed away in January in Athens, aged 34. Read PAPER's obit for the pop innovator, here.

And, apropos of nothing, shout out to queer social media editors!

Photo courtesy of Bratz