SONIKKU Toasts All the Crazy Lovers

SONIKKU Toasts All the Crazy Lovers

by Marissa Matozzo

When people fall head-over-heels, some embrace the rush of new romance, while others destroy it. Today, London DJ/producer SONIKKU and pop singer Chester Lockhart share their new synth-filled dance track in praise of the latter tactic.

"Remember to Forget Me," directed by SONIKKU, premieres today on PAPER, and features choreographed scenes by Peter Babbage and Luke Bafico of London-based queer dance collective Pierre & Baby. Their two bodies are the video's focal point as they glide and intertwine through several scenes, including a sensual embrace in a dimly lit warehouse.

SONNIKU calls "Remember to Forget Me" the most personal song on his upcoming album, Joyful Death (out April 17), adding that it is an ode to lovestruck, irrational behavior. Lockhart's lyrics certainly seem hellbent on self-destruction: "I'm selfish, I'm mean/ Nothing is ever as it seems/ I fall away from you/ Remember to forget me," he sings in the rousing chorus. Grimes collaborator HANA, who engineered the song, only adds to its already addictive qualities.

"The song goes out to the people that get slightly crazy when they're in love," SONNIKU says. "The chorus is an oxymoron reminding someone they should forget you — which in itself is completely narcissistic and something only someone on the brink of heartbreak would say."

Courtesy of SONNIKU

In addition to his new full-length, which you can pre-order here, SONIKKU will perform a DJ set at the Adonis event in London's The Cause on February 1. Stream "Remember to Forget Me," below, and follow SONIKKU and Chester Lockhart on Instagram.

Photography: Aidan Zamiri
Makeup: Grace Ellington