Oh Slayyyter Can Sing, Sing!

Oh Slayyyter Can Sing, Sing!

It takes serious range to go from "Throatzillaaa," a ferocious song about "suckin dick so killa," to "Letters," an acoustic love ballad where Slayyyter softly cries out, "I've been waiting my whole life for you."

The latter, off the internet pop sensation's debut album Troubled Paradise, sounds like it was pulled from Britney Spears' recording sessions where she wrote 2003's "Everytime" — vulnerable and introspective, only in Slayyyter's case with a freaky twist of electronic.

Now, Slayyyter is leaning further into her sensitive side with two acoustic performances, one of "Letters" and the other of her album's title track. The VEVO exclusives showcase her stripped down — no face filters or vocal effects — for rare guitar renditions of her latest tracks.

On Twitter, Slayyyter opened up about performing in a brand new way for fans. "I was sooo nervous," she wrote, explaining how she'd "never done an acoustic performance like that before, with cameras and a bunch of ppl watching."

The result is something special — first up, "Troubled Paradise," with an exciting vocal highlight immediately after the single's famously long, 32-bar bridge. This is easily one of the biggest anthems of Summer 2021.

Then "Letters," a quiet gem that could be easily overshadowed by the more menacing, larger-than-life cuts on Troubled Paradise. We know Slayyyter can feel "Daddy AF," but this is the artist at her most restrained — and completely in love.

Stream Troubled Paradise, below, and see Slayyyter on tour in 2022. Tickets are available, here.

Photo courtesy of VEVO