Sigur Rós Now Have Edible THC Merch

Sigur Rós Now Have Edible THC Merch

Sigur Rós' new merchandise collaboration will make other artists want to seriously step up their t-shirt and dad cap game.

The innovative post-rock band has paired up with marijuana product confectioners Lord Jones to create their own THC-infused Wild Sigurberry "medicated gumdrops," inspired by "the flavors of foraged Icelandic berries" such as blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. The packaging features nine gumdrops and a super sweet Sigur Rós crest made by illustrator Andrew Rae. The limited edition edibles will be available in five dosage options, from the mild to the super dank, presumably, and will be available at select California dispensaries and for delivery through Lord Jones' website. As we say in California, chill.

via Lord Jones

Lord Jones founder Robert Rosenheck said in a statement, "For us, it really is a dream come true to collaborate with Sigur Rós. Their music has been more than an inspiration to us over the years."

To celebrate the launch of the collection, Sigur Rós and Lord Jones are co-hosting a "sound bath" at member's only NeueHouse in Hollywood next week, where attendees will be able to sample the gumdrops (get high off a bunch of edibles) and experience "multimedia collaborations" including "moments in sound, film, and VR." Once again, chill.

Of course, Sigur Rós devotees who lack access to the NeueHouse venue could also just enjoy some edibles at home and watch Pitchfork's live stream of the band's performance with the L.A. Philarmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall this Friday night. To be clear, it should be pretty chill.

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