Shaun Ross' New Capsule Celebrates All Skin Types

Shaun Ross' New Capsule Celebrates All Skin Types

American Apparel has enlisted musician, actor, activist and the first ever international albino male model, Shaun Ross to curate a new capsule collection featuring a line of graphic t-shirts, intended to illuminate the beauty of diverse skin types.

The body positive collection, which launches today, features a limited edition selection of brown, white and nude tees showing stunning, intimate and abstract close-ups of a diverse cast, including models with vitiligo, freckles, albinism and stretch marks.

Ross is the mastermind behind the entire project: he designed the tees, art directed the campaign and personally cast the models, which include some of his own friends, as well as respondents to an open casting call.

"So many individuals try to place themselves in categories, when they should just shine brightly in their own goodness" he says of his inspiration for the campaign.

The tees retail for $28. Check them out, below, and see the full lookbook here.

Photos courtesy of American Apparel