S.G. Goodman Is Ready to Feel the Love in Her New Video

S.G. Goodman Is Ready to Feel the Love in Her New Video

S.G. Goodman is ready to feel the love on "All My Love Is Coming Back to Me."

With influences ranging from garage rock to post-punk to Appalachian folk, the Kentucky-raised indie rocker has drawn plenty of critical attention for her gripping songwriting that is as contemplative as it is captivating. While she's known for her pensive compositions featuring poignant lyrics about trauma, politics and queerness, "All My Love Is Coming Back to Me" is a hopeful, starry-eyed song about embracing love. And needless to say, it's a far cry from Goodman's typical meditations on heartbreak and loss, which some could view as an optimistic reorientation of her usual ruminations on the impact of love.

Taken from her forthcoming sophomore album Teeth Marks, the track is an energetic and upbeat affair that combines a downtown punk attitude with thrumming melody reflective of a more rollicky side of her folk rock roots. Soaring and heartwarming in its positivity, "All My Love Is Coming Back to Me" is also accompanied by a visual that's effortlessly cool in its simplicity and nods to the kind of classic rock videos you'd see on MTV in the mid-90s.

Featuring Goodman alongside guitarist Michael Ruth, bassist Mark Sloan and drummer Steve Montgomery, the Ryan Hartley-directed music video was filmed in Nashville and sees the band performing the song in front of a projector playing everything from clips of the rolling countryside to lighthearted shots of the artist herself, all of which serve as an apt backdrop to Goodman's obvious joy as she sings with incredible passion and exuberance.

After all, as Goodman said, she was "just trying to name it and claim" this feeling, even as someone who's "not really one to write super positive songs."

"But I pushed myself to do it because I wanted to believe it too," she said. "I needed a positive mantra, I was just willing good things to come to me.” And it seems like it's definitely going to work.

Teeth Marks is slated for release on June 3. In the meantime, watch the video for "All My Love Is Coming Back to Me."

Photo courtesy of S.G. Goodman