Shopping at Sephora Just Got 'Cleaner' Than Ever

Shopping at Sephora Just Got 'Cleaner' Than Ever

The 'Clean at Sephora' category has been a hit among customers since it was first introduced last year. While at the time, the category spanned a list of 13 banned ingredients, now in an attempt to better its efforts towards providing "clean" and safe beauty products, the beauty retailer has updated its list to include a whopping 50 ingredients.

This means the only makeup, hair, and skincare products that can be retailed under the stringent new rules have to be formulated without the likes of BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole), carbon black, mercury, aluminum salts, lead and toluene, among others. Moreover, only products with a synthetic fragrance concentration of below 1 percent will be permitted under the category.

While that might seem extremely limiting, currently the "Clean" category consists of about 68 brands, including some fan favorite and cult names such as Drunk Elephant, Tatcha, Primera, Lululemon, Glow Recipe, RMS Beauty, and First Aid Beauty.

"When you spot our Clean seal, you can be sure this brand's products exclude the ingredients you'd most like to do without," the official description reads. "It's a curation of beauty bursting with innovation, big results, and powerful ingredients."

For a full list of brands and banned ingredients click here.

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