Look at Selena Gomez Now

Look at Selena Gomez Now

Selena Gomez might've been letting the other pop girls have their moment for a cute second, but with her back-to-back singles, "Lose You To Love Me," and the latest, "Look At Her Now," she's ready to dominate the charts once again. This is her true Revival.

After teasing fans for weeks with her Justin Bieber dig-laden comeback, "Lose You To Love Me," Gomez surprised her fans with a double hitter: an uptempo dance track released immediately after the intimate break-up anthem. "Look At Her Now" is the shuffling independent anthem we needed all summer long, but thankfully was delivered sooner rather than later to heal all the wounds of our summer flings. With a creaking chorus breakdown consisting of "Mmm" sound bites and whisper ad-libs from Gomez, the new track is radically different from anything on the radio right now, and anything else Gomez has put out in the past.

While her previous hit, "Bad Liar," was praised for taking Top 40 pop into a braver direction — what with surprisingly isolated vocals and strangely assembled melodies — "Look At Her Now" is more in line with the anthems of summers passed, with slight twists here and there. The beat may call back to hits of summer 2018, but it's evident this is no repackaged bop; Selenators are eating today!

Watch the full video for "Look At Her Now" below.

Image via YouTube