See You There: Y2Rave: Reloaded

See You There: Y2Rave: Reloaded

Nightlife has healed a lot this year. After having to make do with Zoom parties and Twitch streams during the early days of the pandemic, the entertainment world has slowly but surely opened its doors once again. We've been itching to get out (and stay out) and know you have too, so PAPER's put together an ongoing guide to all the parties, concerts, functions, kikis and more that you absolutely can't miss. See you there!

Who?PAPER's resident nightlife expert Linux and NYC party-throwing luminary Ty Sunderland are combining forces to throw the most iconic New Year's Eve party (ever) in New York City. A Herculean task, to be sure, but one the duo is well-equipped to meet: Sunderland is a nightlife-hosting veteran, at this point, with hit parties like Ty Tea, Devil's Playground and Planet Pride under his belt.

Sunderland will be DJing himself, of course, and he'll be joined by DJ_Dave and Detroit-based father-daughter duo Floorplan to fill out the night's soundtrack.

What? This is Y2Rave, a NYE party that combines the edge of techno music with the camp of early 2000s rave culture. This year's theme is Y2Rave: Reloaded, and yes, the Matrix reference is intentional — the sci-fi series was created by another fierce trans icon, after all.

When & Where? Y2Rave: Reloaded will open its doors at 9 PM on December 31 (duh!) at Brooklyn Steel — a larger venue than last year due to increased demand. Tickets can be purchased via AXS.

Photography: Airik Prince
Art direction: Chris Correa