Mexico City Brand Scent Collaborates With Shuhua Xiong

Mexico City Brand Scent Collaborates With Shuhua Xiong

Scent might be made in Mexico City, but designer Josefina Valdes says it's really "based in the world" — an ethos that comes to life in their latest release, which pulls from global influence. The unisex brand, already worn by everyone from Rihanna to Zara Larsson and Miquela, tapped Shanghai artist Shuhua Xiong to collaborate on airbrush printed sheer tops, alongside racing motorcycle jerseys and monochrome sets.

"Shuhua went to Tamayo Museum when she was visiting Mexico City and discovered Scent at the gift shop," Valdes tells PAPER. "She contacted me right away and sent me her work. I was instantly attracted to it and drawn to her way of creating dimensions with really special color palettes and shapes that look like Japanese animation movies. We started a conversation that lasted for over a year that we finally are proud to give birth to."

For the designer, this drop reflects Scent's goal to create iconic staples for everyday life that rely on color and original patterns before any over-the-top branding or labels. Having traveled the world — from Mexico City to LA, and Paris to Osaka — she views clothing as an opportunity for cultural exchange and building friendships, which is why there's an accessibility to the way she presents her products.

The accompanying campaign underscores these ideas, set against a Mexico City subway station — or "Metro Insurgentes," as Valdes says, adding that it's a "a Mexico City landmark and a place where so many people come in and out from everyday. It shows the dynamic movement of the city pretty well. The saturated bright colors of the trains and the cold marble floors matched perfectly with the clothes and the spirit of the new drop: beauty and movement in everyday life."

Check it out, below, and visit for more.

Photography: Pia Riverola