Sanchez-Kane Tackles Sexual Oppression in Mexico

Sanchez-Kane Tackles Sexual Oppression in Mexico

In her second show at NYFW, Barbara Sanchez-Kane turned up the volume on her out-there approach to fashion. Two dancers in orange chaps and jockstraps danced around giant penis statues, as models wearing shirts with chest cut-outs were accessorized with all sorts of sex-related objects. We caught up with the Mexican-born designer after the show to talk more about her sexually charged Fall '18 collection.

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What was the inspiration for the show?

It's for school boys. We took items from the collection from public and private schools in Mexico. Sex education is non-existent in Mexico. We teach our children that sex is a horrendous thing. So that's why there is a lot of unwanted pregnancies, and diseases because we don't teach it. Masturbation is normal; it's not a sin, but we live in a very Catholic place. There are a lot of guys that want to be girls and who should they talk to? Because there are a lot of phobias in the world. At the end of this performance, there are two guys that want to be with one another, and they are masturbating. There's a huge dildo statue, and at the end they find themselves. Again, we are talking about all the things they are building, like [Trump's border] wall and all that.

I love it. So deep for fashion. The accessories were really important, so how much time do you spend on those and why?

We work with Georgina Trevino, a jewelry designer in San Diego. So we collaborate, on even the boots too. You see a lot of ex presidents in the jewelry because elections are coming up this year in July in Mexico. It's important to talk to the youth and educate the youth, so they can vote and choose a good leader, because we know what can happen when we don't choose a good leader.

We certainly know about that. How is your work received in Mexico?

At the beginning it was very hard because this is not what you would typically see in Mexico, but when they started accepting me in America and Europe they were like OK it's good. Sometimes, even in Mexico we see a lot of phobias against another Mexican because they don't understand it. It's growing now and there are a lot of alternative magazines doing fashion shows. The culture is growing.

If the president of Mexico's wife wanted to wear something of yours, what would you say?

Maybe a dick, you know she wears one already.

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Photography: Sophia Wilson