Saint Laurent Reveals Its Post-Pandemic Plans for Showing Collections

Saint Laurent Reveals Its Post-Pandemic Plans for Showing Collections

The thought on everyone's minds in fashion is what the runway circuit will look like come September, when brands are slated to show their Spring 2021 collections during fashion month in all four major capitals.

While some think the shows could potentially get cancelled outright (like the Paris couture and men's shows have for this summer), Saint Laurent has decided it isn't going to sit back and wait to see what will happen.

The brand announced today that will skip PFW this fall and not adhere to any fixed fashion calendar for the rest of 2020. Rather, they will operate at their own schedule and decide how and when to launch their upcoming collections with a new strategy.

"Conscious of the current circumstance and its waves of radical change, Saint Laurent has decided to take control of its pace and reshape its schedule," the company said in a statement. "Now more than ever, the brand will lead its own rhythm, legitimating the value of time and connecting with people globally by getting closer to them in their own space and lives."

"With this strategy firmly in place, Saint Laurent will not present its collections in any of the pre-set schedules of 2020," they continued. "Saint Laurent will take ownership of its calendar and launch its collections following a plan conceived with an up-to-date perspective, driven by creativity."

With the news, Saint Laurent becomes the first major Paris house to distance itself from the fashion week calendar post-COVID-19. (It remains to be seen if the other brands in its parent company Kering's portfolio like Gucci and Bottega Veneta will follow suit.)

And while the brand has not ruled out staging runway shows this year, there could be a potential shift in how they'll be produced and many people will attend, as some experts predict large gatherings could stay on hold until next year.

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