Sabrina Claudio Is a Futuristic, Sexy Cyborg in Her 'Better Version' Video

Sabrina Claudio Is a Futuristic, Sexy Cyborg in Her 'Better Version' Video

"Is it cheating if I love a better version of you?” asks Sabrina Claudio on her sultry new single, "Better Version," which sees the Puerto Rican/Cuban singer fantasizing about the more "perfect" sides of her lover. "When I’m with you I’m just thinking ’bout how much I wish it was him," she cries, dreaming about better times that feel distant. "I can’t wait to see him again."

For Claudio, the concept of this song "stems from the perspective of someone who’s in a relationship with a person who is internally toxic," she says. "They choose to remain in this relationship because of those once in a blue moon glimpses of who their partner has the potential to be."

In the end, Claudio concludes, "It feels like this person is in a relationship with two completely different people and doesn’t want to leave either of them at the risk of losing them both."

The music video, premiering today on PAPER, amplifies these ideas with an alluring, sci-fi visual, directed by Ambar Navarro. Claudio slinks throughout a space framed entirely with different screens, like she’s closely monitoring the many sides of her man. By the end, though, she’s surrounded with options, as the singer flirts among them, indecisively.

Behind the Scenes

"I was fascinated by the way [Amber] perceived the concept of 'Better Version,'" Claudio says of her treatment. "I loved the idea of me playing this character who’s constantly watching her 'lovers' through LED screens. It’s a battle between herself and her emotions as she analyzes them, trying to decipher which version of a partner is healthiest for her."

This video marks a shift in Claudio’s style, with more experimental glam than anything she’s previously released. "Hair Extraordinaire" Tony Medina fulfilled her "strong desire to finally do a ginger look," attaching 30 packs of hair to her ponytail for the "red flame" setup.

Meanwhile, Claudio’s makeup artist, Marla Vazquez, delivered on a "no eyebrows look," which the singer admits she was "slightly terrified to try out." For styling, Katie Qian imagined a "futuristic, sexy cyborg" on Claudio, featuring designs by The Blonds and more.

"I trust my glam team with my life," Claudio says. "I can close my eyes, open them once we finish glamming and I know I'll always be 100% satisfied."

Watch Sabrina Claudio's "Better Version" music video, below, and go behind the scenes, above.

Photos courtesy of Kelsey Hart