Ryan Murphy, prolific TV producer and creator of shows like American Horror Story, American Crime Story and Glee announced on Twitter today that he would donate 100% of profits from his new series on the rise of voguing and ballroom culture, Pose, to organizations supporting LGBTQ and trans people. Pose premieres June 3 on FX and is being co-produced by Janet Mock and Our Lady J.

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The news comes a day after Murphy revealed in a New Yorker profile that he was planning a series on the #MeToo movement called Consent. It was met with mixed feelings from the internet, with people taking issue both with the idea of anyone other than a woman creating a #MeToo series and the fact that we are very much still in this reality. While it's not certain that the show will be made, under Murphy's five-year, $300 million Netflix contract, he's going to need some material.

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