Russian Influencers Cut Up Chanel Bags to Protest 'Russophobic' Ban

Russian Influencers Cut Up Chanel Bags to Protest 'Russophobic' Ban

Russian influencers are cutting up their Chanel bags in protest.

In response to Vladimir Putin's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, many countries have adopted harsh economic sanctions against Russia, with many global brands also following suit by shutting down their operations in the country. However, Chanel's decision to shut down its Russian stores and prevent people from buying its goods in other countries has influencers up in arms.

According to BBC, the French fashion house confirmed in a statement that it was complying with a ban initiated by Switzerland and EU pertaining to the sale of luxury items to people who intend to use them in Russia.

"This is why we have rolled out a process to ask clients for whom we do not know the main residency to confirm that the items they are purchasing will not be used in Russia," Chanel said. "We are currently working on improving this approach and we apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused."

As a result, angry Russian influencers have begun posting videos of themselves shredding their bags while claiming that Chanel's move is "Russophobia in action," echoing Putin's rhetoric about the sanctions purposefully restraining “the development of Russia" under the guise of being pro-Ukraine.

Amongst the influencers is Russian socialite Anna Kalashnikova, who recently took to Instagram after not being able to buy earrings at a Chanel in Dubai, claiming the managers approached her to say "'We know that you are a celebrity in Russia, we know that you will take your purchases there, so we cannot sell you our brand items.'"

Kalashnikova also went on to bring up Coco Chanel's ties to the Nazi German government and accused Chanel of “supporting fascism and Russophobia.”

Additionally, others like Russian DJ Katya Guseva also documented the destruction of their bags, with Guseva saying she'd always wanted a Chanel bag but that “not a single bag, not a single thing is worth my love for my Motherland." Meanwhile, the Daily Mail noted that Russian interior designer Liza Litvin did the same while furiously recounting how the Chanel boutique in Dubai also refused to sell her a bag unless she agreed to not wear the bag in Russia.

See some of their videos below.

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