Breaking Beauty: Glitter and Dramatic Curls at Rodarte

Breaking Beauty: Glitter and Dramatic Curls at Rodarte

Perhaps the most fantastic thing about Rodarte is that despite its obviously aspirational and hyperbolic creations, it continues to feel unusually adaptable into the everyday. It's what makes the brand equal parts dreamy and inspirational.

While New York battles sub zero temperatures, Rodarte traveled west for fall inspo. Kicking off their 2019 line up off-schedule in sunny LA, the Rodarte show headlined with a sense of avant-garde '80s maximalism and romance we've all been dreaming of all winter. The ultra-modern string of looks were balanced with a hint of effervescent femininity most consciously communicated through the gleam-y makeup.

Edging close to the familiar larger-than-life romance that remains the brand's trademark, the show featured an array of curly, ruffled, wavy, and over-the-top hair and makeup looks. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert complemented the futuristic spirit of the show by incorporating textured waves with floral and beaded berets among others. The big glamorous bows and full feathered bottoms were never understated and instead enhanced by glossy and sophisticated curls.

"[It's] the old Hollywood sophistication of full-bodied, textured waves with a nod to the '70s," Gilbert explained backstage. "And the hair accessories give it a beautiful elegance."

Makeup artist Kames Kaliardos added a touch of elegance with generous use of glitter over the eyes and lips that often matched the footwear. While the clothes progressed towards evening wear with bolder and more seminal numbers, the makeup retained a consistent sense of exaggeration. The overstated headdresses and accessories only served to enhance the already rainbow-colored spirit of the show.

Photos courtesy of Rodarte