Rita Ora Denies That She Was 'Becky With the Good Hair'

Rita Ora Denies That She Was 'Becky With the Good Hair'

Remember when Beyoncé's Lemonade dropped and the world immediately became spectators to shocking claims that Jay-Z cheated on her with a mysterious "Becky with the good hair?" If not, you simply had to be there.

Many people don't play when it comes to Beyoncé, and her loyal fans immediately got to work to uncover the mystery of who Becky on "Sorry" could be. Was it a real name? Was it made up? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?

Some internet sleuthing led to British singer, Rita Ora. The evidence was simple: Ora was signed onto Jay-Z's Roc Nation and a few days after Lemonade dropped, she posted a photo of her wearing a "J" necklace and a lemon bra. It's a reach but to be fair, everyone was shook.

Ora eventually squashed the rumors when she posted a smiling photo with Bey at the Met Gala shortly after. She also made a tweet asserting that Becky is NOT her.

In a new interview with Louis Theroux, Ora spoke up about it again. "It literally was a coincidence," she said.

So what about the necklace? It seems like an unfortunate camera flip is to blame. "It wasn’t a 'J,' it was an 'R,'" she explained. "They flipped it round and then it looked like a 'J.'”

Ora goes on to explain that the post was an advertisement for underwear company, Tezenis. As for how her friends took the news? "I had to just sit through that until a good friend of mine, Katy Perry, gave me a hilarious badge that said ‘not Becky.’"

Katy, I would like a badge too. Never know if I might get caught up in this ongoing saga.

As for the real identity of Becky, no one knows. Rachel Roy, a fashion designer that Jay-Z was rumored to be linked to a few years prior to the song, stirred up the pot with a not-so-subtle Instagram post suggesting that she was Becky. For some reason, Gwyneth Paltrow was also accused.

Maybe the real Becky is the friends we made along the way.

Photo courtesy of Virisa Yong/BFA