Rimowa and Aesop Make the Dream Travel Kit

Rimowa and Aesop Make the Dream Travel Kit

There's been little pause for Rimowa lately. The LVMH-owned luggage brand, which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, has released collaborations with Virgil Abloh, Fendi, M/M Paris, and Supreme this year.

Rimowa's latest project is a limited-edition travel kit made in partnership with Aesop, the Australian skin care and fragrance label known for its high-quality (and incredibly addictive) products. The silver case, dubbed the Köln Travel Kit, is stocked with everything from Aesop's classic shampoo and conditioner to cardamom and wasabi toothpaste and star anise mouthwash.

The Köln Travel Kit will be available online and at select Aesop and Rimowa boutiques beginning on October 26th.

Photos courtesy of Rimowa