In what should come as a surprise to nobody, online trolls are seriously struggling with the fact that Rihanna — an objectively very, very beautiful and depressingly perfect woman — is no longer a size two and celebrating the fact.

The Navy comes to their queen's defense after fat-shamers have decided to take recent photos of Rihanna hitting the press circuit for her new movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, as a personal attack.

You might remember Rihanna already shut down a sports site's trash take that asked if "Rihanna is going to make being fat the hot new trend," with this iconic Gucci Mane meme.

Now "Thickanna," a term coined by the singer back in 2013, has come through again — this time by commenting on a fan's post calling out the haters.

That's right, Rihanna could care less about your comments on her physique. Thanks for coming, goodbye!

[h/t Cosmopolitan]
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