How Rico Nasty's Hairstylist Transformed Her Into Marie Antoinette

How Rico Nasty's Hairstylist Transformed Her Into Marie Antoinette

Regal fashion is having a major pop culture moment. There's Bridgerton, the Gossip Girl-style Netflix series, set in 1813 London, with its puff sleeves, rib-crushing corsets, whimsical pastels and towering wigs. This week in music, Shygirl's "Tasty" video, off her ALIASEP, delivered the same opulent energy, punking luxe ballgowns with rainbow wigs and metallic talons. (She should be Anthony Bridgerton's next lover.) We've also seen it in fashion, when designer Tia Adeola (formerly Slashed by Tia) released a fashion film inspired by Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Now, it's Rico Nasty's turn.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the rapper made her TV debut with a performance of "OHFR?" off her new album, Nightmare Vacation. Flanked by two women in matching satin, ruffled dresses and powder white wigs, Rico Nasty channeled Marie Antoinette with her own monstrous hair, lace-up corset and diamonds. Of course, there was a twist: Magenta eye makeup, a little black lipstick and fishnet stockings. "Diamonds wet, they shockin' bitches, neckpiece like an eel," she growled, at one point lifting binoculars to reveal her sharp, blood red nails.

Behind the Scenes

Rico Nasty's hair stylist Preston Wada helped transform her into France's iconic, ill-fated queen. "As soon as we decided on the creative treatment, I was excited to push the look as far as possible," he tells PAPER. "I knew this hair moment had to be bigger and better than anything we had created yet. Rico always lets me play; she's such an amazing artist and collaborator. We get each other creatively, so she let me run with it."

Wada says there were "so many details to take into consideration" to pull off the look, from the hair volume to its height and overall shape. Baby hairs were decorated with pearls and the braids had dreads twisted in. "The hair piece is a living, breathing art piece that I'm so proud of," he says, attributing its success to four of his "absolute favorite go-to products:" Haus of Anomali wigs, Hidden Crown hair extensions, Kevin Murphy styling products, as well as Amika hot tools and styling products.

Watch Rico Nasty's "OHFR?" performance, above, and stream Nightmare Vacation, below.

Photos courtesy of Rico Nasty/ Preston Wada