You Can Watch New 'Queer Eye' Tonight

You Can Watch New 'Queer Eye' Tonight

This week, like all the past weeks for a while now, has been hard. Luckily it's almost over, and we're getting a little treat — a cute little reward, for getting through it. For persevering. For eating our avocados. For staying moisturized! The third season of Queer Eye just hit Netflix, which is as good an excuse as any to leave the office a little early today, order in, and get into bed with your laptop.

The Fab Five are headed to Kansas City this season, and making over the lives and spirits of a typically diverse group. In episode one, titled "Hunter to Huntee," they meet a woman who "can hunt, fish and grow her own food... but needs help when it comes to crafting a look that's both womanly and powerful." Somehow me?

Other episodes feature a young lesbian struggling with her identity, a self-deprecating groom who must learn to love himself before he's ready to walk down the aisle, and a single father raising two sons alone following the death of his wife by cancer. So yeah, maybe get a box of tissues ready. You know the drill by now.

Stream season three of Netflix's Queer Eye here.

Photography: Ben Hassett forPAPER