The 'Queer Eye' Fab 5 Takes Philadelphia

The 'Queer Eye' Fab 5 Takes Philadelphia

by Riley Runnells

The Fab 5 is back, and ready to make Philadelphia more fabulous than ever before.

Netflix just released the trailer for season five of Queer Eye, which stars the perpetually iconic quintet: Interior Designer Bobby Berk, Culture Expert Karamo Brown, Fashion Genius Tan France, food and Wine Connoisseur Antoni Porowski and Grooming God Jonathan Van Ness.

Season five will follow 10 new faces in Philadelphia, AKA "The City of Brotherly Love." Based on the trailer, this season is gearing up to be particularly emotional. The show sees its first clergyman, struggling with his identity as a gay man; a woman grappling with her self-image as she faces the challenges of motherhood and being a doctor; and a woman who has always felt insecure about her height, especially in comparison to her friends and the attention she sees them receive.

The trailer also features the show's newest anthem, "Be Me," by VINCINT. The queer musician felt honored to write this song, sharing in an Instagram post "I hope it inspires you to –– BE YOURSELF and LOVE YOURSELF."

The Queer Eye team has long appreciated the experiences they get by filming in different locations. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Porowski said, "With Philadelphia, it's a lot more cosmopolitan than the outskirts of Atlanta –– even though we filmed in Atlanta, and we were really along the periphery in Kansas City as well. With Philly, we do have a lot more downtown stories and you kind of get to speak to that experience. And with cities like that, there's always an incredible amount of diversity, so there are very different stories and perspectives not only culturally but also age-wise."

Philadelphia is also a significant location for Brown, as he was a cast member of MTV's reality television series The Real World: Philadelphia.

The June 5 premiere of season five can't come soon enough, but for now enjoy the Fab 5's hilarious promotional poster, and listen to VINCINT's new theme song, below.

Photo courtesy of Netflix