The Queen Is a Fan of DJs

The Queen Is a Fan of DJs

The Queen may have a reputation of being prim and proper with all the elaborate etiquette and royal procedure, but it turns out she might not be as stiff as we once thought. Apparently, she's a big fan of DJs.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, William Orbit, who's produced for the likes of Madonna, revealed that the English monarch was "evidently fascinated" by the craft when he was playing the Palace last Christmas for a staff party. "She's lovely," Orbit said about his encounter with the royal. "She always chats to you. She's so beautiful and charismatic. We had a nice chat about DJing."

Naturally, the now 96 year-old Queen doesn't partake in the partying herself. "She goes to bed at nine because she's a bit old for dancing, then everyone starts going nuts." According to Orbit, the annual holiday bash can get pretty rowdy with the entire staff, "every gardener, every security guard," packed into the Palace's ballroom. However, in order to be invited you have to have worked for the Palace for at least a year and two years if you want to bring your spouse as a plus one.

As with any encounter with the Queen, there's protocol involved when stepping behind the decks at any royal function. If you're aspiring to DJ for Her Majesty one day, you better be comfortable taking requests. "At the end, I had my own butler. He says: 'Mr Orbit, sir, I'm going to give you this CD of the National Anthem and when you play that, on my signal, the party's over," Orbit said. "Because the Queen is in the house, you play the whole thing and the flag rises, but when she's not there they only play half it."

Whether the Queen is more of a UK grime fan or a closet Junglism enthusiast remains to be seen.

Photo via Getty/Stuart C. Wilson