Queen Elizabeth Made a Dog Perfume, Because Obviously

Queen Elizabeth Made a Dog Perfume, Because Obviously

by Hedy Phillips

Your stinky dog is about to get a makeover, all courtesy of Her Majesty the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II just launched Happy Hounds Dog Cologne — yes, dog cologne — as part of the merch you can purchase at Sandringham Estate, the queen’s home away from home. Nestled next to plates with the queen’s face on them and keychains with a Union Jack, you’ll find this luxury fragrance designed with your pupper in mind. As a dog-lover, it only makes sense Queen Elizabeth would come up with a product for your fur babies, ya know?

Touted as the scent of “coastal walks,” the Happy Hounds Dog Cologne can be purchased for £9.99 or a meager $13 and some change. Well worth the price if you have an exceptionally smeller pet. The scent is sure to be fresh, with a “rich, musky scent with citrus notes of bergamot,” according to The Sun. Best of all: It’s unisex! So your guys, gals, and nonbinary pals can all use the scent equally.

Though a rep for the queen didn’t respond to The Sun’s query about whether or not she’s actually used this dog fragrance on her own Corgis, we like to imagine that she’s spritzing the royal dogs with this fresh scent, especially after a roll around in the gardens. Perhaps she’s been conceptualizing this fragrance over decades, as she’s spent years with all her pups.

The queen has had numerous dogs throughout her life, always showing an affinity for Corgis. Ever since she was a child, according to Reader’s Digest, Elizabeth has had them. The line of dog succession continued to grow as the royal dogs bred more babies. And while the bloodline of royal Corgis has now died off, Elizabeth is not without the pitter-patter of doggy feet around the palace. She still has a couple dogs to keep her company in her twilight years — and we’re willing to bet they all smell of coastal walks.

If you’re in England, you can grab your own bottle of Happy Hounds Dog Cologne to bring home, but if you’re flying internationally, be prepared to put it in a checked bag, as it’s six ounces and won’t pass airport security in your carry-on. Your dog will thank you.

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