Private Policy Will Equip You for the Revolution

Private Policy Will Equip You for the Revolution

Private Policy knows a system overhaul is on the horizon, and don't want you to go unprepared. What does that mean? French Resistance-cum-Black Panther berets, powerfully androgynous styes, and, of course, plenty of camouflage.

The New York-based streetwear duo, fronted by designer Haoran Li and Siying Qu, is one of the few brands consistently utilizing their platform to make sociopolitical statements, fashionably. Their latest NYFW presentation for Fall '18 is based on Charlie Chaplin's 1940 ridiculing of Hitler in The Great Dictator, and sends a "anti nuclear weapon, anti dictatorship, anti ignorance" message.

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"Charlie was disturbed and shocked by people's supportive reaction to Hitler's nazi ideals," says Li and Qu of their inspiration. "So he decided to stand up against this great dictator through his favorite medium: comedic film. We want to honor and spread Charlie's bravery and strong spirit for peace, love and freedom."

The collection could easily be pulled for an alternative "Another Brick in the Wall" Pink Floyd visual, immediately conjuring institutional rebellion (think school uniform, meets military, meets disenfranchised youth). Li and Qu give a nod to nostalgia in the collection — the '70s comes through loud and clear via sequins, corduroy and oversized collars, while simultaneously incorporating a post-punk modernism with the use of plaid, circular carabiners (a sk8r boi must-have), draping chains and an iconic, Private Policy take on the fanny pack. It's all very, very good.

See the full Private Policy Fall '18 lookbook, below, and read or interview with the designers here.

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