Priscilla Renea Is the Brain Behind Your Favorite Bangers

Priscilla Renea Is the Brain Behind Your Favorite Bangers

Florida-born LA-based singer-songwriter Priscilla Renea quickly rose from uploading songs to YouTube to dominating the radio. She writes pulse-quickening, addictive pop hits like Rihanna's "California King Bed," Kesha's "Timber," (a song she wrote in 20 minutes) and Fifth Harmony's "Worth It." Now, after making it through a long battle with former management, she's branching out and releasing her own album, Coloured, which comes out on June 22 via Thirty Tigers.

Her new Kyle Goldberg-directed music video for the songs "Gentle Hands" and "Heavenly," captures her journey looking for and ultimately finding romantic love. In the first video, she outlines the characteristics of her ideal man — someone who treats women with respect, is down to earth, and, of course, who has gentle hands. She says the song is based on her experience finding a vision board she made years ago for the perfect man, one who had "strong leadership like Barack Obama... [was] great with words like Drake, [had] excellent style like David Beckham and [was] good with building things like my dad," and realizing that her husband possessed all the characteristics she had dreamed of. Donning a silver two piece outfit and fur coat while playing guitar in a mechanic's garage, she is feminine, articulate, and resolute. Her twang is lovely throughout, adding texture to her velvety vocals.

"Heavenly" fast forwards to a time when she's found that love she was looking for. She slows down, showcasing her powerhouse vocals with a silky R&B ballad, a song produced to contrast with the rest of the album's country songs. Her sartorial choices again shine; she plays harp in a chrome jacket and slow dances in a similarly-colored ball gown as she croons about a love that is "magical, powerful, natural."

Renea says that she hopes the video inspires viewers and conveys both her playful and her tender side. She says, "The experience of creating this video was surreal. I was juggling a million things but I trusted my team and they pushed me past my human ability. It was an easy video to film because I was surrounded by friends and my husband who was also the leading man...I want this video to be an inspiration, especially for my day one fans. The people that've followed me from my early YouTube days to singing on MTV to writing for all my favorite artists. I want to spark the fire within them that if Priscilla made it happen, they can do it too! It might not happen overnight but if you hone your craft and fight for your fairytale it will happen for you. I want viewers to walk away feeling magical and full of love because I love, love. This video beautifully showcases my personality, my tender and loving side along with my goofy side."

Watch the video, below:

Image via Kyle Goldberg