Poosh Announces Its First Wellness Products

Poosh Announces Its First Wellness Products

Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh website launched a month ago, and has already given us so much: candid interviews with Kris and Kendall, a revealing chat with Scott Disick about co-parenting, a momager-approved brownie recipe, and plenty of Calabasas beauty and wellness secrets. Now Kourt has revealed her first two Poosh products, in collaboration with cool girl collagen brand Vital Proteins. Poosh x Vital Proteins launches today with a protein-packed daytime powder meant to be taken in the morning, as well as a relaxing night time anxiety remedy. Both contain peptides meant to plump up the skin and increase elasticity.

Kourtney tells PAPER that she's been using collagen powder for years, so the collaboration was a natural fit. "I take it every morning, first thing, on an empty stomach," she says. "I don't eat for at least 20 minutes after, then after my workout I have an avocado shake." (If you're interested in learning more about her morning routine, a Poosh blog post lays it all out in detail).

The Poosh team were already fans of Vital Proteins collagen powder, but wanted to add some additional on-trend wellness benefits. "We created something that's a little bit different from what I was taking every morning," Kardashian explains. "The morning powder, Collagen Vibes, has hyaluronic acid, which has a lot of beauty benefits, and amla fruit, which is an ancient ingredient that people have been using especially at ayurveda. As well as Vitamin C."

The night time formula, Pink Moon Milk, is a strawberry-flavored powder that should be mixed with warm water before bed. Dairy haters, relax — the milk in question is coconut. "I have trouble sleeping, and I constantly wake up during the night too, so this has melatonin in it," Kourtney says. "It relaxes you. I'm someone who gets anxiety, and it helps with that." She developed the sleeping potion with her friends and sisters in mind: "A lot of us talk about the same thing — as a working woman I know there are so many people now who have trouble sleeping. Anyone could use a little extra relaxing."

"Anything to get my creative energy out, especially when it comes to health and wellness. It's fun to be creating and learning about new ingredients."

Kourt was hands-on in developing the powders, right down to choosing the (very cute) packaging. She says she's enjoying expanding her brand beyond Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and collagen is just the beginning. So expect more Poosh collaborations in the near future: "Anything to get my creative energy out, especially when it comes to health and wellness. It's fun to be creating and learning about new ingredients."

Photo courtesy of Poosh


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