Polly Pocket Makeup Is Here

Polly Pocket Makeup Is Here

Hot Topic is giving us a major blast from the past with their all new Polly Pocket makeup and accessories line. While Lime Crime released their own makeup palettes inspired by the 1989 toy, the fan essential online retail store tapped toy company Mattel for this very official collaboration in honor of the Polly's 30th anniversary.

According to Hello Giggles, the collection will be made up of 17 different items inspired by every 90's kid's favorite tiny doll. It has everything from dad hats, tees, and backpacks to wallets, pins — and, of course, makeup products. After all, the toy's history is reportedly traced back to a dad named Chris Wiggs who made a tiny dollhouse for his daughter inside an empty powder compact.

There hasn't been news on whether an actual powder compact will be included in this Hot Topic x Polly Pocket line, but there will for sure be a lipstick palette, some Polly Pocket makeup brushes, and what looks to be a pastel color eyeshadow palette.

Hot Topic has yet to reveal the entire list of products, but the online store is set to launch the collection on January 16, 2019.