French News Leak Photos of Kardashian Robbery Scene

French News Leak Photos of Kardashian Robbery Scene

A French news outlet has leaked the crime scene pictures taken of Kim Kardashian's Paris hotel after she was robbed last year and they're pretty damn harrowing.

The released images depict Kim's disheveled bedroom as well as the duct tape and zip ties used to gag and restrain her. There are also many surveillance shots of the 17 suspects, before the event and reconvening at a nearby cafe afterwards.

The thieves allegedly studied Kim's social media, including a plethora of selfies that featured her various jewels, to gather the intel they needed to conduct the robbery.

Since Kim's online presence has changed dramatically. After a three month hiatus, the reality star posts much less frequently and only features film photos on her Instagram account.

Kim flew to New York several weeks ago to give her testimony to a French judge, although as of right now only a few of the robbery suspects have been charged for the crime. Here's hoping this whole ideal is over very soon.

You can see every photo released here.

[h/t TMZ]
Image via Instagram


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