Pete Davidson Is Going to Space

Pete Davidson Is Going to Space

Pete Davidson is adding "astronaut" to his resumé.

Next week, the star will be shot into suborbital space on one of Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin rockets. The March 23 flight makes Davidson the latest celebrity to take the 10-minute ride, following William Shatner's October trip, Michael Strahan's December excursion and, of course, Bezos himself, who took the first flight last July.

This time around, the comedian is “an honorary guest" who will board the company's 60-foot rocket, New Shepard, alongside five paying customers. He will be joined by investor Marty Allen, former NASA manager George Nield, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen, as well as couple Sharon and Marc Hagle, the latter of whom owns property company Tricor International. Notably, Sharon Hagle also founded a non-profit called SpaceKids Global, which is dedicated to teaching kids about space flights.

According to CNN, Davidson will basically attend a few days of space camp at Blue Origin's West Texas facility, where he will train for the flight,. The experience entails the rocket breaking the sound barrier as it climbs 60+ miles above the Earth's surface, allowing the passengers to feel a few minutes of weightlessness after the passenger capsule detaches from the booster towards the top of its flight path. Davidson and Co. will then experience intense G-force before the parachutes are deployed to slow down the capsule and safely land.

Looks like Ye's going have to wait a little longer for that "man to man" meetup.

Read CNN's full report here.

Photo via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic