There Will Be Blood: I Tried the Famous Peel-Off Lip Stain

There Will Be Blood: I Tried the Famous Peel-Off Lip Stain

By Jennifer Hussein

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I'm ready to try just about anything and everything in the name of all that is beauty — even putting my skin to the test to see if the world's most painful peel-off mask is actually all it's hyped up to be. So, of course I had to try out the viral peel-off lip stain that just about everyone is talking about.

In case you haven't heard, one of the biggest (and oddest) beauty buys on the web right now is the Berrisom Lip Tint. This K-Beauty lip stain stands out from any other beauty product for one major reason: you peel it off. We've seen peel-off products before, but lip stains sound like a major game changer.

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I kicked things off with the original shade, "Sexy Red," which is meant to tattoo a bright cherry-red color onto your lips that lasts for 7 hours. Before applying, they recommend exfoliating your lips for a smoother and cleaner application, so make sure you have your lip scrubs (or a toothbush, if you're on a budget) on hand before you try this out.

After scrubbing, I applied the gloss-like tint to my lips. At first, I felt a major sting on my lips, and the tint had a pungent glue smell. It was also pretty hard to line my lips with, and kept globbing and drooping off of them.

The instructions said to wait 5-10 minutes to dry before peeling off, so I waited 10 minutes to make sure I get a more pigmented finish. But having this gunk on my lips for that long was a lot harder than I thought; it kept getting in my teeth, and my mouth would almost get glued shut every time i closed it. The process felt a lot longer than it should, but once the gunk dried into a cellophane-like consistency, I was ready to peel — or so I thought.

Once I started pulling, I felt the inside of my lip tearing off with it, and it was excruciating. Honestly, peeling this off hurt more than anything else I've ever tried. There was blood, there were a few tears, but at the end of it all, there was actually a very pretty red hue on my lips.

I honestly don't know whether it was the lip stain or the blood, but my lips had a perfectly rosy red shade. The color looked amazing when I paired it with a clear gloss, and it really does last as long as it claims to, maybe even longer. It lasted much longer than most lip stains, even lasting through my messy lunch without budging an inch.

But, no matter how pretty the pigment was, the pain of peeling this off was too much to bear just for a pop of color. My final verdict: if you're a true believer of beauty over pain, then try this at your own will, but don't say you were never warned.

Purchase Berrisom Lip Tint here.

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