The 'Possession' of Parker Day

The 'Possession' of Parker Day

Californian photographer, Parker Day, made waves last year by selling out her first major solo exhibition, ICONS. A color saturated series of whimsical portraits that walked the line of camp and the sublime, Day's work drew comparisons to the likes of David LaChapelle and Cindy Sherman. Calling on a menagerie of friends, nightlife figures, and models as her subjects, ICONS explored how costume can offer insight into the construction of identity,

Day's newest exhibition, Possession, builds on the work of her previous show by expanding her lens to the whole body. It explores what it means to first and foremost inhabit a body and in what ways all bodies are simultaneously similar and vastly different. With each portrait in the series embodying a singular concept like "Decay," "Love," or "Surgery," Day uses her subjects' nude forms as a canvas to build on and draws on drag aesthetics and surrealist imagery to ultimately achieve that goal. The end result is a vibrant and playful lexicon of Day's own design.

Parker Day's Possession exhibition will be on view at Superchief Gallery in LA from January 5th through January 31st. A monograph of the show published by Not A Cult will also be released the night of the opening. Take a sneak peek at some of Possession, in all its decadent sexy glory, below:

Air (Brooks Ginnan)

Photography: Parker Day
Makeup: Allison McGillicuddy, Malina Stearns, Mary MacIntyre
SFX: Sheila Mia Seifi