Paris Jackson Responds to Criticism of Her Marijuana Use

Paris Jackson Responds to Criticism of Her Marijuana Use

Paris Jackson took to Twitter earlier today to defend her use of marijuana and hit back at a critic who said her "dad must be ashamed" of her.

According to People, the discussion started after Jackson — the daughter of the late Michael Jackson — responded that "marijuana" inspired her recipe for spaghetti grilled cheese sandwiches with mozzarella.

Unfortunately, another (judgmental) user wrote, "druggie. I bet you do meth too. Your dad must be ashamed of you. Degenerate" in response to her tweet — a statement that Jackson obviously did not take kindly to.

Bringing up her previous struggles with mental health, Jackson defended her use of marijuana by writing, "Instead of taking poisonous addictive pharmaceuticals, this incredible medicine from the earth has been prescribed to me to help with my depression, anxiety, ptsd, and insomnia."

Jackson also sardonically added, "an organic medicinal plant from mother earth with dozens of healing properties that is legal where i live and used to help suffering people around the world = meth."

Not only that, but Jackson also responded to a fan who said that they "felt a hundred times better" after smoking every day.

"Well doing it every day dude is clearly an issue. i don't do it as soon as i wake up unless it's a rare occasion. i don't do it when i work and i don't do it when i drive," Jackson said. "it's medicine to me and not an every day thing. even tho its not addictive it sounds like u were abusing it."

Check out her responses to the initial criticism, below.

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