Paris Hilton Owns an Unbelievable Amount of Wigs

Paris Hilton Owns an Unbelievable Amount of Wigs

OG Influencer, entrepreneur, and heiress Paris Hilton hasn't been known to shy away from her penchant for beauty and fashion, most recently evidenced with her hefty investment in the The Glam App. The DJ will act as both an investor and partner for the innovative beauty app that connects users to makeup, hair, and nail professionals for at-home services.

In chatting about this latest venture with ET,Hilton revealed that she owns a staggering amount of wigs — about 800 — and explained that she has used them in the past to go "undercover." "I have every single color, every style," she said. "I used to wear them to Disneyland and other places. If I'm ever in a certain country or I want to just like, go undercover, I'll just put on like, a short black wig and just go undercover and be in disguise."

Crediting her mom, Kathy Hilton, for paying attention to skincare when she was younger, she also described her intensive beauty routine. "I'm all natural and I really thank my mother for that," she said.

"She always taught me to stay out of the sun and to take really good care of my skin. I go once a week to Angela Nice and get facials, and my favorite is her oxygen facial. And she also has another one called the red carpet facial," she said. "I just tried the cryotherapy recently, and it was so cold like, literally it's like you feel like you're in Alaska. It's insane. I hope it works."

Hilton's new collaboration with The Glam App is part of her on-going efforts into expanding her already expansive beauty empire, that currently consists of a skincare and makeup line.

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